• Moral Stories


    An old miser lived in a house with a garden. The miser hid his gold coins in a pit under some stones in the garden. Every day, before going to bed, the miser went to the stones where he hid the gold and counted the coins. He continued this routine every day, but not once did he spend the gold he saved. One day, a thief who knew the old miser’s routine, waited for the old man to go back into his house. After it was dark, the thief went to the hiding place and took the gold. The next day, the old miser found that his treasure was missing…

  • Moral Stories


    Once upon a time, there lived a shepherd boy who was bored watching his flock of sheep on the hill. To amuse himself, he shouted, “Wolf! Wolf! The sheep are being chased by the wolf!” The villagers came running to help the boy and save the sheep. They found nothing and the boy just laughed looking at their angry faces. “Don’t cry ‘wolf’ when there’s no wolf boy!”, they said angrily and left. The boy just laughed at them. After a while, he got bored and cried ‘wolf!’ again, fooling the villagers a second time. The angry villagers warned the boy a second time and left. The boy continued watching…

  • Magic Info


    Liger merupakan spesies baru yang terlahir dari persilangan antara Singa Jantan dengan Harimau Betina. Ini adalah persilangan antara dua ekor hewan yang satu genus (Panthera) tetapi beda spesies (Singa = Panthera Leo sedangkan harimau = Panthera Tigris). Liger berbeda dengan Tiglon, meski sama-sama merupakan persilangan antara Singa dan Harimau. Perbedaan Liger dan Tiglon yang paling mudah adalah jika Liger disilangkan dari Singa Jantan dengan Harimau Betina, Tiglon disilangkan dari Singa Betina dengan Harimau Jantan. Selain itu, Liger memiliki ukuran tubuh yang lebih besar dibandingkan Singa ataupun Harimau, sementara Tiglon tubuhnya hanya sebesar Harimau saja. Liger merupakan spesies kucing paling besar di dunia. Bahkan salah satu Liger yang bernama Hercules tercatat oleh Guiness World Record sejak tahun 2007 sebagai kucing terbesar…

  • Magic Info


    Einstein, Burung Paling Pintar di Dunia Seekor burung jenis African Grey Parrot bernama Einstein ini bisa jadi burung paling pintar di dunia. Einstein mampu berbicara dan menirukan berbagai macam suara dan memiliki lebih dari 200 perbendaharaan kata. Enstein pertama kali muncul di televisi bersama pelatihnya Stephanie White di channel Animal Planet. Ingin melihat aksi si burung pintar Einstein? simak videonya disini 🙂  

  • Intermezzo


    There are 3 doors; Door 1: has sizzling fire that will burn you, door 2: has a bunch of bombs that will immediately go off once you’ve entered that room, door 3: has a lion that haven’t been fed for a year. You have to go through one of these rooms to survive. Which room do you go through? (Answer: The room with the  lion, because they would be dead if they hadn’t been fed for a year 🙂 )